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------> Insurance Division <------

Our consultants have extensive experience working in the industry and several years in recruiting for the same industry. Consequently, we understand the business and people dynamics that are required to ensure corporate success. Please feel free to contact us if you require further information on any of our consultants.

Joe Doonie has over 30 years experience, both in management and as a recruiter in the insurance industry. Joe has extensive experience in financial reporting, investment evaluations, financial systems applications, process reviews and corporate governance. He has also assisted numerous clients by completing special studies in claims and underwriting performances. He holds a Bachelors degree in Business Administration, Chartered Insurance Professional and Certified General Accountant.

Geoff Shields brings over 20 years of insurance industry leadership experience and expertise to Strategic Resource Consultants, along with an extensive network of insurance executives and professionals. He has led high-performing teams across a wide range of disciplines, including Finance, Strategy, Risk, Compliance, Actuarial, Technology, Human Resources and Operations, and has worked closely with senior leaders in all functional areas and across the industry. Geoff has also provided financial and operational consulting services as an independent consultant to various organizations, primarily in the insurance sector.

------> Health and Wellness Division <------

SRC has established a Healthcare & Wellness Division to address the ongoing needs of our insurance Clients and those of our Health Care business clients. The initial purpose was to provide medical personnel to Medical Assessment Centres, including Rehab Clinics and of course Medical Consultants to the Life Companies. Our services have expanded to include Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmaceuticals / Biotech, & CRO companies.

Dr Richard Hackman has been appointed to lead this division. Dr Hackman has extensive recruitment expertise in all areas both in Canada and the USA. He has also worked in medical research and published many articles in various medical journals. One of the few medical trained professionals, who is involved in the professional recruitment business.

We are providing Dr Hackman’s Bio for your review and appreciation of his expertise in the field. The same level of services afforded to our insurance clients are extended to our Health & Wellness Clients. Call today to discuss our search strategies, pricing plans and guarantees for both Retainer and Contingency Searches.

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